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7th Chevron Locked

Colorado Springs
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Seventh Chevron... locked!

You're just about to step into the wormhole, where will it take you next?

This cartouche will give you a list of our known 'gates within the system:
[ P3X-DH1 ]      [ P4A-685 ]      [ P3X-416 ]

How This Works
Members create journals that will archive their Stargate related work, such as fanfic, icons, art, vids, etc. Each journal will have different ideas/values, depending on the ruler's world view. Use the cartouche to explore each new planet. The links above will take you to the Info page of each journal, where you can learn about the specific planet and decide if it's someplace you'll want to visit... or turn tail and run!

Where To Start
Create a journal, with planet coordinates: eg. P3X-789. As long as it starts with "P" for "Planet" or "M" for "Moon", the rest of the six-digit serial number is up to you. Once that's done, click here to notify the mods of the new planet. It will be added to the cartouche, and a journal entry will also be posted to the community to introduce it.

You'll want to create your world in the Info section of your planet's journal. Some of the questions you may want to answer in your intro are:
  History/Social/Current Status
Does it have a local name? What significant features does this planet have that piqued the interests of the SGC to visit?

We Come In Peace
Which SG team visited this planet? And what was the result of this visit?

If you can, try to provide the bio in fanfic format, but please keep the information to a 'General Audience' level. This does not mean that you are not able to write about a het or slash pairing within your bio. All that we're asking for is a low rating for all ages to read, as this is the entrance to your world. The content within the journal itself can be General/Mature/Adult or anything in between (with use of cut-tags for adult themes).

Your journal will have three representatives (icons). If any members of the SGC found themselves stuck on your planet, you may use any or all of these stranded members to represent your planet's council. Representatives can interact with each other on planets that they have travelled to or allied with, but the same two members cannot interact.

For instance, Zelenka of P1X-482 can speak with Grodin of P4X-987, but Zelenka of P1X-482 cannot speak with Zelenka of P4X-987.

If your planet is void of a population, except for one or two stranded SGC members, they will be consider as the planet's council.

This is a form of RP'ing, though it is not a requirement to join. It's an added bonus for those who do enjoy RPG.

The planets only become allies when mutually friended. Any other variation (including user journal friending) are considered as travellers.

When you add content to your journal, try to do so in a manner that reflects your planet.

If you're adding fanfic, the subject heading could be written as: "After another round of rotgut, Tuirn of the Mmpoxls asked Jack to tell him another one of his amazing stories of his past..." NB. Your planet is telling it's own story, thus standalone posts regarding your characters' current situation are also welcome.

Or if you're adding a vid, it could be introduced with: "As Sam delved through the archive in search of the Ulies ship schematics, she came across the personal journals of the crew. Overcome with curiousity, she opened the first file she saw..."

If your journal content will be including a ship, het and/or slash, include this line at the bottom: "enter your specific pairing(s)" friendly

Have fun!

If you have any questions, email me