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This morning's events left a haunted look in his kids' eyes, no doubt mirrored in his own.

It was time to go home...
Daniel punched in the glyphs, picked up his bag full of alien rocks and lead the way to the open window destined for home. Teal'c and Carter were beside him, lifting and securing the large sample box between them as Jack took one last look around.

No one but Jack heard the quiet sizzling coming from the DHD, nor did anyone else see the slight waver that flowed on the water-like event horizon.

He called out to Daniel, having the man stop just before entering the 'gate, turning around to face his fearless leader.

Daniel didn't see the 'gate close, but he felt it. It became eerily quiet behind him, though that was quickly subdued as the DHD exploded. read more...

Jack/Daniel, Teal'c/Daniel, Teal'c/Sam, Sheppard/McKay, Beckett/McKay and Gen Friendly

The Stargate Comm



Erodin is a beautiful planet, filled with tall gorgeous trees, overflowing rivers, and stretching plains. Architectural marvels spatter the planet's surface, with traces of Ancient influence. SG-6 couldn't have asked for a better mission, except for one detail. No people. At all. To make things worse, they blew the ZPM on the Stargate when they entered the wormhole, and they have no way back to Earth.

All pairings, slash and het, and gen friendly.

Sheppard/McKay, McKay/Grodin, Sheppard/McKay/Beckett friendly, gen friendly.

The Stargate Comm

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